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Person who is very fond of powder cocaine
Yeah, he does a lot of it, he's a real blow monkey.
by Jason February 05, 2005
24 11
when one loads their ass full of water with a garden hose and fiercely lets it release.
Howie got kicked out of the fire department for shooting blow monkeys on multiple occasions.
by SirRat April 10, 2009
8 6
Meaning one who blows monkeys.
Daniel is good at being a blowmonkey expert.
by Delbert July 18, 2003
14 19
A dealer of cannibus who travels to the requested destination in order to make the transaction. In order to avoid detection customers say can I have a taxi
"Can I have a taxi"
he replies yes or no.
He deals in scores £20
by Jonny wa November 28, 2004
5 16