Blosh or Bloshed is a word invented by the legendry Sledge McDappa and Dexter Valentine, the meaning is profound in the sense that one who is bloshed simply means drunk, beyond help, smashed, it can alternatively mean or refer to the point thereafter the bloshedness has taken its victim.
"Dude i feel Bloshed" or Blosh Blesh aye me julie"
by Jimmy Cruz February 04, 2010
Top Definition
Blosh is an adjective used to describe something cool, fresh, trendy, cultivated, refined, connected and beautiful.
Them trainers your wearing our blosh man!
by blosh1980 December 06, 2009
Blosh is a slang word developed by for members of Tha Bird Flu Crew. A sticker was seen on the back of a mini-van that said 'Blast!' but because of how it was printed, it appeared to be BLOSH at a glance. It was then adapted to be used as an exclaimative statement or used as an adjective or noun.
That's one bloshified nig nog.
I show them tha mothafuckin blosh, they in awe. I shuffle like a scarecrow dancing to tim mcgraw.
by nyda August 31, 2006
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