the sound a wet fish makes when it hits a sold surface
colina went BLORK as she fell on the ground
by jonjon September 10, 2004
Top Definition
a term "created" by the character guido carosella (AKA 'strong guy') from the Marvel comic book X-factor in the 1990s. It denotes a self-absorbed person that is ignorant of the world around him but is not a "stupid-head."
"guido, is that guy a blork?"
"him? nah, he's a stupid-head, blorks are much more self-absorbed. remind me to hit him later."
by claw27 August 26, 2005
switching up some vocabulary (from the F-bomb) for everyone who doesn't want to offend, but ...

1. needs an expletive to just fill in between socially and religiously acceptable words or phrases currently used in the English language.

2. must emphasize the content of a statement or express a relatively unpleasant feeling or wish.

3. would like to relate something relatively pleasant.
1. (Example: I can't blorking believe that blorking blork blorked me over and I didn't blorking know it until I was totally blorked.)
2. (Example: I am so blorking mad. That blorking blork left me standing in the blorking rain and stood me the blork up.)
3. (Example: I can't blorking believe how blorking great that blorking dinner and subsequent blork was.)
by spedano February 28, 2011
A messed up password for retared BF1942 noobs
Noob: The password is blork
by Fool November 23, 2003
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