A bloody booger. A combination of dirt, dust, toxicants and pollutants which have attached to the inner wall of the nasal passage for so long that when plucked from the nose it comes out soaked in blood.
Dude - did you see the size of that blooger he stuck to the bottom of the conference room table?
by Mongo Nucleosis August 04, 2008
Top Definition
a bloody booger, atrociously picked by by persons with little regard for hygiene or interpersonal communication
"You meet the new programmer?"

"Nope, I refuse to shake the hand of any person who can mine a blooger of such scale out of his nostrils."
by Te Nyenhuis September 17, 2008
The author of a particularly petty, hostile web log, i.e.,

A Snotty Blogger.
I just read that emo kid's blog. He's such a blooger!
by Noah Srittany-Tyet May 29, 2009
A booger, but the hard kind, not the slimy kind
That ugly guy keeps digging for bloogers in his nose and eating them
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg November 03, 2003
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