another name for a girl's menstrual cycle -- both sexes can relate.
girlfriend - "This time of the month is such a Bloody Hell! I'm crying and bitching one minute, and then the next minute I'm fine! It's miserable!"

boyfriend - "This time of the month is such a Bloody Hell! She's crying and bitching one minute, and then the next minute she's fine! It's miserable!"
by ohappyday September 13, 2009
In today's terms it commonly used to emphasise shock and/or amazement or anger. However it came into large use in the British context during World Wars' 1 & 2 whereby soldiers would describe it as a "bloody hell".

The intense meaning has waned over the years to become a common 'filler' in utterance. However, given if someone survived a nuclear war, if it happened 21st C, would it change to "nukem hell!" ? Sounds a bit Australian to me.
Me: Grandad?

Grandad: Yes

Me: What was it like fighting in the war?

Grandad: It was a bloody hell.
by Milky Moon March 15, 2007
A) british slang exclamation. same as "holy shit"

B) nice way of saying someone is on their period
A) BLOODY HELL, I spilled my tea!

B) boy: why is she so upset today?
girl: ....bloody hell.....
by Marissa December 15, 2005
bloody hell is a way of saying "HOLY SHIT GOD DAMMIT" or something of that sort without swearing and sounding cool at the same time.
"bloody hell, that looks brilliant"
by Haley March 29, 2004
Typically English phrase, still used a lot today and personally my favourite saying. It's pronounced 'bloody ell'. Should not be used by any other nationality.
"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait until next week to see the bank manager..." "oh bloody hell" *angry face*
by MsSocialist April 13, 2007
Same as shit, or awsome
Bloody hell, that hurt,
Bloody hell, that is a good game
by Drew May 28, 2004
this is when a girl is on her period and you still want to have sex. my girl is a heavy flow type of lady, so this works nicely for us: first, you put the keeper into the girls vagina. if you dont have the keeper, a cork will work just fine. next, you have sex with her, anally, to not cause a mess with the moist bloody vagina...sodomy being a sin, you're damned to hell for performing such an act, hence, the sex act termed Bloody Hell.
"i had a Bloody Hell of a time with Shenaynay this weekend!"

"i knew she was on her rag when she ordered up a double Bloody Hell with extra cheese"

"give her Bloody Hell, mate"
by OpmVag August 20, 2009

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