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The favourite pastime of your standard sanguinarian, bloodplay is the act of using blood in sexual or fetish situations.
"Hey, did you know Davan's into bloodplay?" That's some kinky shit!"
by Lizbeth January 15, 2004
Sexual play defined by haematolagnia (british spelling, hematolagnia: american spelling) which is the physical attraction to blood this may be the smell, sight or texture of the blood. usually this involves cutting your sexual partner or having them cut you and (not always) smearing the blood on your body and somtimes drinking the blood of your partner and vice versa
guy1: i like blood, the sound the smell everything, is that weird?

guy2: nah man it's haematolagnia the physical attraction to blood and blood play

guy1: oh... kay lol
#blood sports #heamatolagnia #hematolagnia #paraphilia #fetish
by mt.roflmanjaro October 22, 2009
The act of drawing blood from another person (the blood is sometimes then sucked/licked off of the wound). Usually sexual in nature. Sometimes associated with vampire fetish. A form of edgeplay.
She was bored with sex so she asked her lover to try bloodplay for a change.
#edgeplay #bdsm #knifeplay #blood play #knife play
by TheInfamousEcho January 22, 2008
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