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The favourite pastime of your standard sanguinarian, bloodplay is the act of using blood in sexual or fetish situations.
"Hey, did you know Davan's into bloodplay?" That's some kinky shit!"
by Lizbeth January 15, 2004
A rexie is a (disturbed) invidual afflicted with anorexia nervosa...and is proud of it. They're the kind of people who create websites the promote eating disorders and foolishly believe that they won't waste away and die.
"You can't force someone to eat. That's oppression!", quoth the rexie.
by Lizbeth January 15, 2004
A person who has a strong physical thirst, need or craving for blood. Though this can be because of a sexual fetish, it's more likely to be related to physical or psychological problems (iron deficiency or the person believes they are Dracula).
"Goddamned sanguinarians...always bugging me for donations"
by Lizbeth January 15, 2004

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