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The opposite of a wigger. An black man of African heritage acting like the stereotypical definition of what is considered a white personality.
Wayne Brady is a goddamn blonkey.
by Sean March 04, 2005
A black Honkey

A blackman that acts whiter then a white man

another word used for Uncle Tom
Yo look at that Uncle Tom he ain't nothin but a Blonkey!
#uncle tom #honkey #cracker #white blackman #suburban black
by Jason Sullivan March 04, 2008
A black person who acts white.
A black person who is trying to be white.
A black person who does white things
Chris is such a blonkey
Dan is really acting like a blonkey
Did you see what Mike did? thats such a blonkey thing to do.
#black #honkey #cracker #wigger #confused
by Bennyboo87 April 21, 2011
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