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hot guy usually with blond hair and baby blue eyes, tanned.
Yo that guy is BLONDIN, he is so hot!
by Jon Ellison Jr November 30, 2006
due to the uk heroin drought a new scale has been adopted for measuring the strength of uk heroin.
blondin being a celeb from drugs website www.bluelight.com and his great knowledge of always scoring top quality heroin
i scoredt some ace gear last night it must be nearing 8.5 blondins 10 blondins being out this world

1 blondin being total bash
by 4x4ledbury February 12, 2012
A goo chewer that constantly stirs the pot. Usually someone from Kingston's wrong side of the tracks.
Man that guy pulled a blondin with that email he sent...
by doleh April 01, 2008