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<Blondieus Momentum>

When a person (usually a blonde) does something so ridiculously stupid and obvious a 7 year old could figure out

The reason why it's called a "blonde" moment is because of the acts that blondes do. It also happens to blondes the most or girly girls.
<Chelsea> Jadden concentrate on your work!

<Jadden> Isn't that stuff in my orange juice?

<Chelsea> Oh My God! you just had a Blond Moment!
by ErnestTehNoob May 04, 2009
1: you may or may not be blond headed, but u have a moment when you forget something very obvious or ask a stupid question. you can have one either on purpose or by accident. dont mistake it with stupid .
{ a accidental blond moment)
Bob: Where is my pencil?
Tim: In your hand dumbass!
by The adventures of Bob and Tim September 05, 2005
Someone other than a blond who has no street sense; forgetting something you learned as a child.
Keisha: Girl, you know what? I forgot how to start the car for a minute there.

Stacie: You must be having a blond moment.
by Nykky July 12, 2005