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the act of getting eaten out by a burley english man
"like omg, i got bloked last night!"
"you lucky fuck mook, i havent gotten bloked in for eber!"
"yea well what can i say? i have a thing for burley english men"
"yea but this dutch guy tried to bloke me and i was like 'dude, ur not an englishmen! and one more, YOUR NOT EVEN SLIGHTY BURLEY!'"
"oh. that sucks"
by super deely June 23, 2005
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The Mixture of Baked&Blown , The act of smoking massive amounts of stanky stank, being so high your to the point of Feeling drunk off your ass
" Ahhhhh Man Im SO BLOKED"
by Perrrdizzel May 11, 2005

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