The bias resulting from having read multiple blogs posts either excessively praising or deriding an entity or event. To be affected by "blog goggles."
HipsterChick1: Last week's Titus Andronicus show was amazing, don't you think?
HipsterChick2: Take off your fucking bloggles, you've just spent too much time reading Brooklyn Vegan.
by Conejo Rojo January 07, 2009
Top Definition
1. To be overwhelmed by requests to visit and comment upon your many friends blogs.
2. To feel stupefied by consistently reading blogs. Or: To lose touch with reality through over induging in factoids, conspiracy theories and the generally uninformed opinion of blogs.
EG1: I felt bloggled after returning from my ten-year reunion...everyone I saw, told me of their new blog and asked me to not only visit their blogs, but everyone was expecting me to leave them a comment- I felt absolutely bloggled.
EG2: After a day's surfing sites on the illuminati, area 51, skull and bones, Yale and how George Bush really became our president, I felt totally bloggled- I had to go out for air, or read a proper newspaper.
by Philip Oulton March 12, 2006
Blog babble. The babble that a new announcement from any large company will create.
Hey, did you see the Bloggle about google+?
by Ted Calvin June 29, 2011
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