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An interesting idea, story, or link. Referred to as blog fodder when your first reaction is to use it in your blog.
I'm sorry your day sucked, but between the car wreck, the kiss off, and the layoff, at least you've got some real blog fodder.
by radiofox August 13, 2005
A stupid non-news item that in the real world isn't that important but some blogger finds it and soon everyone is talking (and blogging) about it.
They misspelled "California" on my high school diploma. I fixed them and made blogfodder out of it. Now the whole web is talking about how stupid that printing company is.
by DrKoob October 09, 2008
Any subject that is blogged about, no matter how trivial, whether it be gossip, opinions, or mundane information, just for the pleasure of seeing one's words in print.
"He writes on and on about his day as if he had something important to say, when in reality, it's all justblogfodder."
by Dee Isakson August 23, 2008
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