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Florida: God's waiting room.
Florida is where old people move to, drive like Mr. Magoo, then die.
by Overdrive December 01, 2005
"Clit Eastwood" is a term I use to describe badass female police officers who feel they have to "take control" of a nonexistant situation.
Clit Eastwood keeps her hand on her sidearm while breaking my stones about my dirty license plate.
by Overdrive December 01, 2005
Road Rage is a condition that is created when lazy, uninterested and/or overworked traffic cops let ignorant drivers operate their vehicles in an illegal and aggressive manner that irritates the drivers around them. The end result is Road Rage. Road Rage can result in anything from foul gestures to the offending asshole being shot.
Until the police increase the number of citations they issue to asshole drivers, Jagoffs in Las Vegas will continue to create more Road Rage.
by Overdrive February 25, 2006
"That 70's Show" is a very funny sitcom that lets the world laugh at the loser, stoner, idiot morons that reside in Wisconsin.
Tonight on That 70's Show, the cast smokes reefer in Eric's basement.
by Overdrive October 19, 2006
A Knob Polisher is someone who sucks a dick until it's cleaned and shined!
She isn't just a cock sucker! She's a Knob polisher!
by Overdrive December 01, 2005
Porter Rican is how people from Wisconsin pronounce "Puerto Rican".
Sven: "That's an Italian der, aint it hey?"
Ollie: "Nah, dats a Porter Rican, eh".
by Overdrive July 01, 2006
Receiving "Fuckin' A Right!" as a response means the person is in TOTAL agreement with your statement. Slightly more emphatic than "Fuckin' A!".
#1 "I think you're gonna get drunk at the Christmas party again"
#2 "Fuckin' A Right!"
by Overdrive July 25, 2006

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