A london indie band who have some pretty decent songs (banquet, little thoughts, so here we are etc.) however are seriously overrated. They are SERIOUSLY boring live, but most of their fans are quite deluded in thinking the opposite. In fact they have a lot of pretty silly fans, a lot of whom are scenesters, who don't know crap about music, and used to listen to Westlife.
Bloc Party should learn about substance over style.
by m_g October 14, 2005
Top Definition
An amazing, post-punkish band from London who are even more awesome live.
Wasn't Bloc Party's gig great last night??
by slackenties June 22, 2005
London based band who are FANTASTIC! Really diverse and unique with great guitar and lyrics. The band of 2005.
Russell, the guitarist, has a bloc head(the coolest hair ever!) Gordon Moakes is such a love. They all are. They're just...the best. Get ready for them!
"So Here We Are" reached number 5 in the UK charts.
Toured with The Killers and others in February '05
by Camille February 19, 2005
a band from london that'll have a really positive affect on your life.
if you get the chance, see them live.
it's Bloc Party., Not mock party!
by mean old pam September 01, 2005
Only the greatest band ever. They are from London and have many outstanding songs. Some people happen to think that Bloc Party is shite because it takes someone who really appreciates music to understand and love the bloc. They also happen to be incredibly entertaining live and the new album, Intimacy is ace. The new Killers album is shite..almost as bad as Nickelback. Bloc Party is made up of Kele Okereke (vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass), and Matt Tong (drums). If you want to listen to some quality music then Bloc Party is the band for you, if not then go listen to the bloody Killers and fuck off.
Emma: "Hey ol' chap did you hear the new Bloc Party album?"
Jack: "Sure did, its brill!"
Emma: "Good, I'll go buy it now so that I can stop listening to the damn Killers!"
by fuckthekillers December 02, 2008
That band that used to play instruments.
Remember 10 years ago when Bloc Party played instruments?
by Super Eric August 06, 2011
are crap! pl think taht thre so gd!
the killers r sooooo much betta!!!
by e.valo March 01, 2005
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