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A female who is mysterious. She is a mystery girl who lives in a mystery world and mystery boys will be her toys. She is rather snazzy basically.
Mystery girl enjoys a nice cup of tea and a sit down.
#person #snazzy #tea #yeah yeah yeahs #mystery
by m_g October 14, 2005
A london indie band who have some pretty decent songs (banquet, little thoughts, so here we are etc.) however are seriously overrated. They are SERIOUSLY boring live, but most of their fans are quite deluded in thinking the opposite. In fact they have a lot of pretty silly fans, a lot of whom are scenesters, who don't know crap about music, and used to listen to Westlife.
Bloc Party should learn about substance over style.
#indie #bloc party #nme #scene kids #band
by m_g October 14, 2005
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