the act receiving oral sex while you are eating a hoagie
After work my wife and I went out to the local deli, where after i order my ham and cheese and rye we went out to car and i enjoyed a hard earned bloagie.
by prestonANDsteve November 05, 2007
When a guy receives oral sex while eating a hoagie
After the bar, I stopped off at Wawa for a late night sandwich, where I my girlfriend soon after gave me the best bloagie.

(Wawas are convenience stores in Philly and NJ that makes freshly made hoagies especially for the late night bar crowds)
by Papa Derf November 01, 2007
Receiving oral sex while enjoying an equally delicious hoagie. A lovely two for one, what a woman!
My girl is great, she gave me a bloagie last night and didn't mind when I dropped lettuce on her head.
by Katie Leibel October 29, 2007
This word is native to Philadelphia. The "bloagie" is a term used to describe oral sex performed by a woman on a man while he is eating his hoagie of choice. The hoagie is usually an Italian or Provalone Cheese hoagie. Note: Never share your hoagie with the female performing the act, it will take weeks to wash the smell of onions and sliced italian deli meats off of your phalis.
"Shelly gave me an awesome bloagie yesterday!"

"I could really go for a nice bloagie."

"Look at her lips, I'm kind of hungry, how bout' a bloagie?"

by therealPIKO October 29, 2007
a bloagie is when a guy is sitting down eating a hoagie while getting a blow job.
Honey, I promise not to spill on you while you give me a bloagie.
by Igby Goes Down January 27, 2006
The act of getting a blumpkin while also eating a sandwich made by the woman performing the act.
ya I got a bloagie
by charlie longfellow March 22, 2011
Receiving a blowjob while eating a hoagie.
I was both hungry and horny, and couldn't figure out whether to eat or have sex; fortunately, my girlfriend gave me a bloagie.
by Joe Reed November 02, 2007

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