Because let's face it, we need it these days.
"One minute the sun was out, next minute it was blizzarding!!! I couldn't bloody believe it!... Well, I could actually."
by Sahar MS February 07, 2008
Top Definition
The weather condition that consists of very extreme snow conditions, often including extreme winds, low visibility, and harsh conditions.
Wow, i its really hard to snowboard out when its blizzarding!
by Burritney August 19, 2006
When you see the smoke spiraling up through the chamber of a bong as if a helluva storm is brewing and preparing to assault your lungs.

Once the blizzarding stops and the chamber is an opaque white, its time to clear it.
Mannnnn me and my buddy were packing poppers in my Bong, that thing was non stop blizzarding.
by Blem nigga May 31, 2009
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