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inept manager of a company named PCklinikken in Norway. Has a tendancy of doing some of the same nervous movements as hitler in the movie "Der Untergang"
My boss just pulled a blix; the day after i quit he fired me.
by dgram May 10, 2005
5 13
a blix is what you would call a gun.
I will pull out my blix and shoot you.
by xxxvxxxvxxxv February 18, 2009
27 7
A man that works in a small hut on a dock overseeing the goings-on
If I were you I would go see Blix down at the boat tranx
by freedyal May 09, 2005
16 16
n. a hopeless expedition, which the explorer knows will yield nothing useful

v. to go on such an expedition

named for Hans Blix and his fruitless search for weopens of mass destruction in Iraq
You can't find a decent guy at the bar, but I don't care. Let's go blixin.'
by Starfish1 May 19, 2005
11 16
anything related to steven
gums, hard drive, furious, how long does it take ur mother to go to albury, fast, evil, trrrrrrrrrrrrrr, smart-arse
by cant say June 16, 2003
3 22