a joint termo style
ive been doin blips since i was 13
by termo stoner December 20, 2010
a moment in your life, something said, something done, or something you feel responsible for that you'd do anything to take back.
Friend 1: You seem down?
Friend 2: Remember that time in the school cafeteria when the two mice jumped out of my lunch bag, and I screamed and I started a stampede of mass hysteria, and they evacuated the school, and the fire department came, and the foreign kid who speaks no english started crying, and fainted, and got a concussion and had to be hospitalized?
Friend 1: Blip?
Friend 2: Let's never speak of it again.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 23, 2010
To be spotted, seen or otherwise recognized as one would spot something on the screen of a radar.
"I blipped the fool in the back of MacDonald's searching for scraps in the dumpster."
by Mastermouze September 08, 2006
When your poo comes out in machine gun mode, like a rabbit or deer's poo.
Ah man, today I had a bad case of the blips.
by funkyllama2.0 August 06, 2010
The act of licking another person's tongue.
Honey your tongue is lookin good right about now let me come over there and give you a nice blip.
by cjoy April 28, 2008
An Asian woman who dies her hair blonde. Found usually at the gym, trendy cafes (with caucasian male dates) and boutiques.
Could that blip's implants look any more fake?
by edie_jay May 11, 2007
To fool around, anything up to but not including sexual intercourse.
Hey baby, you wanna blip later?

Looks like they just blipped...
by Blippers September 12, 2010

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