A person with a premature ejaculation problem.
So yeah I slept with Richard last night. He wasn't really good in bed. In fact, he was downright horrible. He's a blinx.
by Ac_Dynasty Nguyen September 02, 2006
Top Definition
Similar to the popular phrase jinx, blinx is used when two people say the same thing at the same time. When blinx is used, however, instead of owing a soda, the binxed person owes a blowjob. This is to be used in junction with blanx. This can be used with speech, whistling, and sometimes actions if they are very similar. Rules can be created amoungst friends.
Ryan and Cole: Hey dude.
Cole: BLINX.
Ryan: Dammit! You always get me!
by RyguyCole December 31, 2005
A rockin' timecat from an old Xbox game. Also a synonym for a cool person.
That guy's such a blinx!
by asdfasdfads October 07, 2010
Gay, meaning homo, one who loves men.
Sexualy attractive to the same gender.
Appears femine
by OWNED October 15, 2003
A dumb fool that beats up poor little kittys. A loser who's a member at XBA.
by Warlord October 14, 2003
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