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an overweight urban female who has somehow hoodwinked others into thinking that she is attractive and desirable, usually through trendy clothing and a warped "real women have curves; that skinny girl's gotta eat" attitude. the typical blimpster is usually found w/ a small-framed, timid hipster "male."
did you see that blimpster over there? she ate her wimpster boyfriend's vegan cheesesteak before he had even fetched her some napkins!

i'm not a blimpster. it's not my fault that skinny boys love me. there's just more of me to love, i guess.

typical blimpster quotes:
"oh, john? no, sorry, i only spread for skinny boys. he's too... "livin' large" for me, if you know what i mean."

"are you gonna eat that?"
by block1of4 August 21, 2005
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