A word used to describe a african-american black person ("nigger") who possesses the quality of bling.
Damn nigga, check out that bligger rollin' in his Escalade!
by Double-O-Denim March 14, 2004
A new term started in Connecticut that some people use to describe a black person and a nigger. *bl(ack)(n)igger.
You are nothing but a bligger.
by Miketiculous February 12, 2007
When you choke a nigger until he or she turns blue
1) Yo, last night dat nigga was all up in my face so I turned him into a bligger.
2) Ever feel like chokin a bitch? Make a bligger!
by Bligger Creator September 03, 2006
a black person trying to act white
yo nigga fdsjsjfhjkdasHLfjkhalkfjsdfh
by jonathan April 23, 2005
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