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The delicate art of fucking with people's emotions or perceived conception of reality, logic or social norms either over the internet or IRL by adopting butthurtful behaviors and/or speech with the sole purpose of lulz. What is true to say though is that trolls are insecure people who want to boost their hurt confidence (often done by other trolls) by asserting their dominance over people they consider sensitive or at least exploitable enough to being hurt. Otherwise, trolling can be viewed as exercising overkill in verbal or visual sadism.
ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA. That is what you only need to know if you want to know what trolling really is all about.
by CYFAWZ October 23, 2011
Correct spelling: brokeNCYDE. Troll geniuses - the current shift paradigm in music trolling.
Just post brokeNCYDE videos's links in other "serious" music videos and witness the reactions
by CYFAWZ October 15, 2011
Same as YHBT, except that you not only infrom people that they have been trolled, you also congratulate them the kind person that you are
CYHBT good sir
by CYFAWZ October 18, 2011
A black person who wants to act as a nigger (a wannabe nigger) - analogous to wigger
Examples: ALL rappers who wear bling, gold teeth and (at least they say so) score hoes trying too hard to be classified as niggers by other bliggers
by CYFAWZ October 01, 2011
God Internate
Our Encyclopedia Dramatica in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your troll be done,
on internets as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily lulz,
and forgive us our 4chan boards,
as we also have forgiven our haters.
And lead us not into exposure,
but deliver us from fail.
by CYFAWZ November 02, 2011
An electro sub-genre that gets your pussy wet even if you're a guy when it drops the bass
Examples of Dubstep?: Skrillex - Cinema
by CYFAWZ October 12, 2011
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