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A firearm, a gun.
1. "...Plus I keeps twenty blickas..."- Cam'ron
2. "I pulled my blicka on the founder of Urbandictionary."
3. "I love the sound of the blicka-blast"- Jim Jones of the Diplomats
by Klysm June 25, 2004
A word used interchangeably with any other word. It can be any part of speech. Similar to "joant' or "joint".
Nigga, da fuck you talkin' about, there's a million blickas in this room.
by Adam R. Goldy October 02, 2010
mad loot
The armalite ones are like 350.
by Migga November 25, 2003
Another word for a given disease like a STD. Mosty used for common diseases like gonorrhea and/or chlamydia. Used in Philadelphia as slang for this and also gunz
Yo the doctor said ***** gave me that Blicka!" the man said, "He told me it was the clap
by Spoon from Philly August 05, 2010
An exclamation to show any sort of feeling. A feeling of happiness, excitement, anger, etc.
angry: BLICKA! i failed my test!
happy: BLICKA! i got an A on my test!
excited: BLICKA! are you ready for this awesome rollercoaster?!

That's how I use it.
by Jessica and Ally! March 20, 2008
blicka is a slang would for penis in portugeese.
in portugeese tu tens uma grand blicka.
in english you have a big penis.
by nanukeshihtzu September 07, 2006
a nickname for a close friend or "homie"
Slang: as in "What up blicka?"
by Rainman January 25, 2005