a combination of the words black and lesbian meaning an african-american woman that prefers other women.
Dude did you see my friends roommates?

Oh the Blesbians?

Yeah one of them looks like a dude.
by o-neg July 29, 2008
Top Definition

1. A lesbian woman who has some sexual/romantic interest in men, but is still primarily interested in women. From the combination of the words "bisexual" and "lesbian".

2. A bicurious lesbian.
"I love my girlfriend, but I have a such a big crush on Will Smith. I think I'm a blesbian!"
by Sarah Charlotte March 13, 2005
A girl who basically likes other girls, not a total lesbian, but they might as well be.
Did you hear that girl is a blesbian?
No way, so she likes girls?
by k8eMozelee June 01, 2011
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