A bleesome occurs when one cockthirsty blee giving cumguzzler invites one butters, one timmy B and one shamefully shy bubanya to insert their penises into an orifice of their choice at the same time. Unfortunately, one of the blee normally gets freaked and leaves as do the others when a red sea pedestrian shown up to join in on the bleetivities.
Hey guys, wanna have a bleesome?
by yeah right! December 26, 2003
Top Definition
A sexual encounter involving 3 drunken males fully clothed except shirts who are pleasuring a red headed vixen wearing naught but a thong (which will be removed as the bleesome evolves). The males take turns (one at each nip, the 3rd at the pootang. A switch is called. One male must exit in revulsion due to another whipping out his uncircumsized penis. The other two perform the switch. A bleesome must be interrupted by the entrance of a jew in boxers.
REQUIREMENTS: dudes must be mad wasted
WARNING: may result in commitment issues
hey did you hear about the bleesome last night?
by alex slavin December 26, 2003
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