To give let someone else have something of yours
Kareem "You want to let one of those starbusts bleed?"
Anquan " you go"
by Jaron Stokes June 24, 2005
when someone gets an injury and umm blood comes out durr hurr
pple who cut themselves bleed and ruin their moms towles...stupid inconsiderate little fuckers
by Brittany July 25, 2004
To use or participate in an object or event for an extended period of time.
DAMN! Mike Lever bled his chordstick last night!
by KingTT July 02, 2003
70's jive term for brother. Derived from blood = family. See Flying High the movie for an example.
"Sup Bleed?"
"Nuthin. Hangin low and lazy baby."
by Professor J January 19, 2006
To shoot and kill someone with a firearm.
This dude killed my homie, im gonna bleed him!
pow pow pow pow pow!
by Sage McCalister March 14, 2005
To be upset about something
Man, I'm bleedin
by Winsper June 04, 2004
To Look for females, cruise the block
Say bra, you wanna bleed da block tonight
by holla @ da boyee July 05, 2005
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