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Cleavage of the buttocks, often occuring with females who wear those damned low rider jeans.
With my ass in thise jeans, I'd be showin' some serious bleavage.
by DarkNova April 05, 2002
"butt + cleavage= Bleavage"
1. Any showing of the butt when it is intended to be covered up by clothing.
2. When shorts are so short that a person's butt hangs out of the bottom.
3. When a person bends down and their butt crack is exposed.
"omg, did you see becky's shorts in gym class? she's totally got some bleavage going on"
by felica and brooke December 02, 2005
A contraction of "back cleavage." Often occurs when a fat woman wears a tight bra, tank top or other garment that shows off the back area, thus squishing the back fat together to give the illusion of cleavage on their back.
That tank top is giving that girl some serious bleavage.
by bleavagemaster October 25, 2009
Essentially 'bum-cleavage', the visual representation of the top end of somebody's (usually generous) ass-crack on show.
Dude, do you see the almighty bleavage on that builder, that is wrong!
by monstertag August 07, 2009
The crack of ones butt. also known as butt crack or "Plummers Crack"
Dude! Put away your Bleavage! , "I can see your Bleavage."
by Chris Cadiz January 25, 2007
the line in the male anatomy that lies just above the hips and seperates muscular abs from the top of the thighs.
that guy has some nice bleavage
by girl from sacto July 24, 2001
Describes the rigorous bleating of sheep and rams when the sheep are in heat.
Damn! That's some serious bleavage coming from Farmer Bobs ranch. Those sheep must be real ornery.
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
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