meeehhhhrr yip to get high on psychadelics and bleat on....
javier was bleating all night he was so high he crawled on the floor moaning "yip... meeerhhh"
by foxy July 28, 2003
Top Definition
An action in which one person pokes the ear cavities of another person.
I was walking to the supermarket to get some Nutella until somebody bleated me.
by Tenacious Tenor September 14, 2014
The sound that l33ts make while playing online games. Usually screamed over a microphone system (if implemented) to annoy all others playing.
:: A gameplayer has just done something of importance in a game :: "BlyeeaaaaaaayyyyT!"
by Remy November 23, 2003
The sound MISSA (aka Mel) makes when she has sex with a black guy
Missa sure did BLEAT all night with that black penis
by --- May 30, 2003
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