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1. Similar to zing! but more harsh.

2. The sound of salmonella hitting someone in the face.
1. Person A - My professor gave us an "optional" reading assignment last night, and it turned out to be 600 pages.
Person B - BLAZZ!

2. The salmonella flew through the air, and landed with a gentle BLAZZ!
by tobias2008 April 02, 2009
A general interjection used when a particular event is so shocking, gross, or unexpected, one forgets more typical exclamations. Often used as a substitute for "zing!"
1: Yeah, I was out partying until like, 6 AM in the morning.
2: As opposed to...some other 6 AM?
by ap2011 November 12, 2008
Sexy or really good looking. Similar to peng
He's bare blazz!
Shannon is well blaz!
by AyCee March 21, 2007