another term for a condom
Jim:"I fucked that mary chick last night"
Larry: "I hope you wore a blazer the chick gets around"
by Ivan Caulfield April 09, 2011
a reallt cool peice of clothind. It has a few disadvantages
1) Cant wear it in public
2) smells when wet
3) gets really hot and smelly
but "cool" none the less
wow look at your cool blazer Alan Elsey
by Rasputin May 18, 2003
A slow Chevy Suv that is made to haul kids to soccer practice. It is driven by people who can't afford Escalades, mostly fat kids who try to act black when they are white.

People like to act tough in these cars, but end up getting chased by gay kids, and end up getting in gangwars. Afterwards they like to go to denny's and toss their salads.

Blazer can also describe people who smoke weed.
The Blazer drives a Blazer...
by wal-mart dude May 14, 2007
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