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can be be a guy or girl; the kind of person that will make you laugh your ass off, usually doing something comedic... EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING, when you cant find them being surrounded by groups of people in tears of laughter, its usually because they're "busy" if you know what i mean..... beware these creatures are funny, charming, intriguing, and fucking sexy!!!!!! unfortunately they can be stubborn assholes when they dont get their way.
"Damn that Blayke sure is something!""Yep, I think I may have jizzed my pants"
by blahblahbam November 05, 2009
The most adorable, sweetest and amazing guy. He's extremely charming and exceedingly handsome. Completely the coolest person you will meet... so cool that he's actually hot:)
But honestly speaking, he's just....... sometimes i lose my words because i can't exactly express how much he means to me. He's found my heart, unearthed it when it was deeply buried. He's the best, single most amazing person to come into my life. I would do anything and everything for him.
The only guy that makes me smile. without him, quirky Quayla would be smileless, laughless and loveless. Beautiful soul - i can't emphasis that enough. He's just special.
Blayke, close your eyes and see what you see. When i close mine, i see you. I love you.
by meooooooooow June 14, 2010
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