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A person of black and mexican descent. (ex. Thomas Park)
You're not Krn. You're a Blaxican, foo.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 19, 2003
238 79
A person who is racially mixed with African-American and Mexican
So your moms was black and yo daddy was mexican, that makes you a blaxican
by Cyrustaran June 03, 2003
383 42
someone who is 1/2 black and mexican
my friend antonio is a blaxican.
by Angelo<Desperad0> April 10, 2003
185 43
Being from Mexican and African-American descent.
My mom is Mexican and my dad is black; therefore, i am blaxican.
by gunstarblack June 28, 2009
85 14
A Black person and a Mexican person Fuck
and make a mixed baby. That is BLAXiCAN.
iM Blaxican.
by 95kirina95 March 28, 2009
81 40
A person that is half Black half Mexican.
You know how Tiger Woods is Blazian? Half Black half Asian? Well if he were half Mexican instead he would be Blaxican.
by Dr. Justina Larson, Esq. January 20, 2011
22 10
A "Blaxican" is the end result of your mexican neighbor porking the african hottie down the street.
Whoa! Did you guys see that blaxican walking down the sidewalk?

If there was a country called Afrixico, the people would be blaxicans!
by Adjgnadrh May 30, 2009
39 28