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A person of black and mexican descent. (ex. Thomas Park)
You're not Krn. You're a Blaxican, foo.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 19, 2003
v. to engage in sexual intercourse with another
That Jimmy Nguyen tried to sex0r that dumb bitch, but she preferred Joseph Duongs. David Dryjanski nor Stephen Lam could sex0r her, but Thomas Park was able to because she likes that nasty stuff.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 20, 2003
v. To rape
That Jimmy Nguyen ownz0rd that dumb bitch, but that Joseph Duong couldn't even ownz0r Stephen Lam.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 20, 2003
v. The act of taking a Jimmy Nguyen and putting it in a dumb bitch.
David Dryjanski fux0rd Yuna last night. Damn...what a pr0n star.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 20, 2003
n. One who engages in porn. (i.e. David Dryjanski)
"Yea...you kinda look like a porn star," said Mrs. Baird to David Dryjanski.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 20, 2003

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