1. Recruiting station for the faggots of churchill. Can also be referenced to the gay/straight alliance.
2. Can you say stupid? What are these plays about.
3. Overpriced play about songs that you hear on a hard core white station.
4. Makes kids think they have a future in art and threate when they should realize that blast is a joke and no one outside of churchill cares.
5. How to get a solo 10 years ago Women suck the directors dick. How to get a solo now... be a man and suck the directors dick.
6. Allowing the wierd fucks to come out of their hole one time a year.
I can not believe I just paid 10 dolalrs to see Jeff Thrum wear make up... queer...

Why is he dancing with another man? Did I just spend my Friday night watching men dance together in tights.

Student 1 - Why have they been practicing this? What 's there to practice about dancing around faggots...
Student 2 - Don't you get it? It's for the blast director he's a fag and he wants to watch kids dance and be a high school R. Kelly.
by Mellion February 18, 2005
Top Definition
To put somebodys business out or shame them badily in front of a group of three or more people.
"I heard Lamar's ex put him on blast at the mall"
by MaMii Chuuula July 16, 2005
1. (v) discharge a firearm
2. (v)ejaculate
3. (n) loud explosion
4. (n) great time
1. fool tried to gank my wallet, so i had to blast him.
2. one false move and i will blast like the very first time...oh lord; i told you not to move, you dumb broad!
3. did you hear that blast come from over there?
4. i had a blast at your moms house last night.
by mister ill May 19, 2003
A slang word used as an expetive. An exclamation to say that something you didn't want to happen happened.

A good time.

An explosion
"BLAST!" I exclaimed before my mother admonished me and sent me to my room.

Shelly and I went to the My Chemical Romance concert and had a blast!

The blast of the bomb blew up half the city block and killed fifteen people.
by Caty-Marie May 11, 2005
1. A hit of crack
2. To smoke crack
1. All i need is one more blast
2. Man she's been blasting all day
by peanuts and corn March 19, 2006
See shout
to expose or make known.
To blow up one's spot.
To put on shout.
He put my shit on blast!
by DowneAzn April 28, 2003
Doing a line of cocaine
I did so many blasts last night
by Joe Rodriguez June 10, 2005
To say personal info about some one else to everyone
Shes got crabs REALLY bad

The others would say to her "You got put on blast!"
by Megda06 June 05, 2005
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