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Something you say to get someone's attention.
Me: Hey.
Shelley:(does't respond or return my gaze)
Me: Yo.
Shelley: Huh? What's up?
by Sewer Mutant October 23, 2005
unintelligible guff , a word to say, what you are saying is is rubbish , over extended , or extraneouos. irrelevant.
the doctor with a cure, said "Blargle " to the hundreds of deaf lepers looking intently at him.
by wackyv8 June 11, 2008
term used to express

1) great quantity
2) frustration
3) weenie dogs
"Oh my god, there are 50 weenie dogs running toward us!"

"BLARGLE $(*%#$*(%&."
by weeeeeeeeeeeenie April 05, 2009
Synonym for "ick," "yuck," "eww," etc.
"Look at that chick wearing leg warmers with high heels!"

by gothchiq June 21, 2007
A positive exclaimation! :P Something you say when you are happy or somehting good has just happenend!
Gee shouted, "Blargle!" when he awoke, he knew this would be a wonderful day.
by :P erson!!! March 26, 2011
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