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(verb) to blapps, to push the lips of a friend or adversary down until they spring back up and make a clapping sound. This should only be done while quoting the lyrics of a famous song with a key word changed to 'blapps'
Hey Dave... 'Blapps life'. Or, oi john... 'blapps is in the air..' (shuddder)
by Wes Gleeson December 26, 2005
An alternativ to getting someone like trying to beat them up, fght them etc.
"That kid really pissed me off, i will have to blapp him."
by Mikeeeee Bwoi April 26, 2007
another word for brap....or like yay and it definately dosnt mean when your dick is smashing into a girls face goin blap......that guy who put that as adefinition is a retarded faggot
faggot who said brap is dick smashing:im gay and retarded!!
johnny: BLAPP i knew it :O ewww

wow wat a stupid example i just put....o well
by white_boy_who_likes_rap December 03, 2006

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