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The state of being euphoric, or more commonly referred as a "high". Started at Brookfield High School.
"yo dawg, you're blao"
by I'm Blao January 04, 2010
statement used after an insulting remark or a smack to the face to further add insult.
I'll rip yo' neck out and stab the shit with a dirty meat knife...sew that shit back in and give you ecoli. BLAO!!!
by DISH-O-BREAD November 11, 2005
a male ejaculation, sexual climax, or orgasm. Sometimes used to describe premature ejaculation.
did you end your sex drought last nite man? was it good?
nah man... i tried to get the draws but i blao'd to quick.
by Dsmooth5 August 15, 2010
Another word for fuck
Bob: See that girl over there?
Tony: Yeah, Why?
Bob: I'd blao 'er
Tony: Same here
by Shanus teh Anus January 29, 2008