A black tranny.
"Hey have you been to Gigi's in lately?" "No man, last time I went it was full of blannies - I got scared and left."

"Dude, Derek is dating a blanny!"
by sloppydrc April 14, 2009
Top Definition
a black nanny, especially one from the Caribbean islands
Tom, the CEO, recently hired a new blanny to care for his children while he and his wife are at work.
by nojoke718 August 12, 2009
A Blanny is a fanny that is black in colour. Extremely rare on organisms which are in fact white- yet have a black fanny.
"Hey man, have you seen Tonks' Blanny today? It's so black in contrast to her white skin. Weird."
by Tonksmum June 19, 2013
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