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1. a boring or rather uninteresting person

2. typical cornstarch-thickened pudding popular in England

3. A space pastry from the andromeda glaxy who wish to turn all the englishmen into scotts men in order to win wimbleton.
Look, Mr. and Mrs. Brainsample have come on to the court, it appears they intend to eat the blancmanges.
Horray! this is a good day for man ind
by erin November 13, 2004
A bland, unenergetic, boring person. From an English word for a kind of custard.
Gray Davis is nothing but a blancmange.
by Cornholio September 29, 2003
Noun: A sweet opaque gelatinous dessert made with cornstarch and milk.
My blancmange is bland today with my tea...pity.
by littlebrownbird May 25, 2011
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