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A word describing an instance when one is a combination of being blazed and baked, this feeling conjoins to form a super high refered to as "blaked".
-"Dude, i'm so blaked,everything is awesome"

-"Don't you mean baked dude"

-"Naw man,im way past baked, im blaked for sure."

baked high blazed fucked up pot weed smoking
by super.blaked.chick July 01, 2010
to be drunk basically.its lingo from a land afar... Alnwick! drink lots of alcohol and you will get blaked! you have been warned
Rachel- Hey Charlotte, did you have a good night out last night?
Charlotte- Yeah, i got totally blaked! awesome!
Rachel- Lets get blaked next week, yeah?
All- cool stuff
by homeslice <3 November 09, 2006
A mixture of feeling blazed and baked after smoking marijuana
"man im so high, im blaked"
by alston July 29, 2009
Its like getting owned, but it is much funnier to watch and can be much more painful. It can also be doing something utterly embarrassing.
Person 1- Hahaha,Conrad just missed a open net goal

Person 2- Ya man, he just got b-laked
by khanvict April 19, 2007
To get owned ie. to get dunked on by blake griffin
Mozgov: hey im an nba baller now. yay! oh wait. . .blake griffin! nooooo!
Blake Griffin: BOOM!! you just got Blaked!
by GD_8 November 21, 2010
a cross between blazed and baked. It comes only to one whom has induced a substantial amount of marijuana upon themselves.
dooodd im so blaked right noww!!... heheehhe
by jigen8 February 15, 2010
v. To stiff someone on a tip because you simply do not believe in tipping for any reason, ever.
"Dude, I went to the restaurant last night and I Blaked the waitress."
by JohnK1801 January 24, 2014