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A mixture of feeling blazed and baked after smoking marijuana
"man im so high, im blaked"
by alston July 29, 2009
to be drunk basically.its lingo from a land afar... Alnwick! drink lots of alcohol and you will get blaked! you have been warned
Rachel- Hey Charlotte, did you have a good night out last night?
Charlotte- Yeah, i got totally blaked! awesome!
Rachel- Lets get blaked next week, yeah?
All- cool stuff
by homeslice <3 November 09, 2006
Its like getting owned, but it is much funnier to watch and can be much more painful. It can also be doing something utterly embarrassing.
Person 1- Hahaha,Conrad just missed a open net goal

Person 2- Ya man, he just got b-laked
by khanvict April 19, 2007
To get owned ie. to get dunked on by blake griffin
Mozgov: hey im an nba baller now. yay! oh wait. . .blake griffin! nooooo!
Blake Griffin: BOOM!! you just got Blaked!
by GD_8 November 21, 2010
a cross between blazed and baked. It comes only to one whom has induced a substantial amount of marijuana upon themselves.
dooodd im so blaked right noww!!... heheehhe
by jigen8 February 15, 2010
A word describing an instance when one is a combination of being blazed and baked, this feeling conjoins to form a super high refered to as "blaked".
-"Dude, i'm so blaked,everything is awesome"

-"Don't you mean baked dude"

-"Naw man,im way past baked, im blaked for sure."

baked high blazed fucked up pot weed smoking
by super.blaked.chick July 01, 2010
To be killed in a fashion similar to that performed by Robert Blake.
Shut up before you get blaked!
I have blaked people for lesser reasons.
by arbormystic August 10, 2005