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1. Gunshots

2. A low-level, reckless thug (see goon)

3. A real nigga

"And then I ran up the street, all I heard was 'blaka blaka blaka!"

"Don't mess with Damien, he's that blaka."

"We blakas out here, goons to death."
by thatgoonmike July 16, 2013
1.used to refer to something you found to be so-so or very vague.

2.also used to define something you don't have words to describe.
1. That dress was so blaka!
2. Have you ever seen a haircut like that?! It was so blaka!
by chica1906 May 13, 2011
A word derived from an initiation process in Washington D.C. Used to refer to another person and is the beginning of an entire language. It can also be used an incoherent response as a means to avoid answering a question.
What are you doing blaka...blaka touch!

How's Your day? BLAKA
by Brown Hornet03 March 19, 2010
a word that Tokyopop made up on the best website on earth :
Dynamoguy526 1:29 pm: meanie
Dynamoguy526 1:29 pm: ...blaka!
Dynamoguy526 1:29 pm: take it and leave...
by Kevcom October 20, 2007
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