really good at football, chicks dig him. gets all the pussy in the school. has a big wangytang. gives great orgasms. everyone loves a good blaise. is good friends with alphonse bertillon.
mmmmm, that blaise kid, he is one sexy animal in bed.
by augustoooo September 09, 2010
A sexy looking person (usually a guy) that attracts a lot of good looking women that he's not interested in.

Traits of a "Blaise":
-Likes to cuddle
Women: Look at that "Blaise" over there
by Definitionsnow November 28, 2014
Blaise is a guy who is a real flirt but really sweet, loyal funny and caring.
He gets really awkward around you but you see him totally comfortable with other girls.
He is very good looking with gray eyes,he is into performing arts and loves being the center of attention,he is super smart ,he is religious and do sent swear,he is that guy that you like but can't figure out if he likes you back.
Blaise: Hey Lily

Lily: um hi

Blaise: *gives you a hug* text me tmrw okay?

Lily: sure❤

Blaise:*walks away*


Lily:hey Blaise

Blaise:oh its you.I gotta go now see u later
*goes and flirts with another girl*
by BlaiseIsBae❤ September 15, 2014
Blaise's are rare creature that will make you fall in love with them.They are very active and easy to talk to.They are awesomely weird in their own ways. They love to make people happy , and hate it when people are made at them. They have brown eyes and thick dark hair. Their favorite colors are green and blue. They are very muscular and can push a guy thats 5 times bigger than them down. They are very sweet ,and careing people. I love my Blaise more than anything in the world. And i will never let him go.
Blaise's : Hey girly
Girl: Hi
Blaise's:Are you doing anything this weekend?
Girl: No why?
Blaise's: I wanted to bring you to my lakehouse
Girl: Aww yess i would love to do that!!
Blaise's Good its a date! Love you.
Girl: Love you more.
by Princess406 December 28, 2012
The most douchy sounding name a faggatron could ever possess. Most likely a swag-fag from the mid-west trying to find meaning in his life and attempting to distinguish himself by wearing exactly what every other swag-fag wears. Acts black but is most likely white. The human vibrator for white trash women also trying to find meaning in their life. (Read other definitions of self bolstering for examples of maximum faggatory)
Individual A: Hey who is that guy wearing the "Obey" hat going around attempting to grope chicks?
Individual B: Oh thats just Blaise
Individual A: He looks like a douche with that haircut, and everyone keeps moving away from him slowly yet he keeps acting creepy.
Individual B: Thats just how he is.
Individual A: What's wrong with him?
Individual B: Something Freudian most likely
Individual A: The way he talks you'd think he has Cerebral Palsy or something
Individual B: Oh God he's coming over here.
Blaise: Sup Faggots, see that chick over there? (points to cum dumpster) Yeah, she just blew me in the back. I bet you guys wish you could be this OG, but if you ever do attempt to ride this dick to swag-topia I'll kick the shit out of you lil haterz. I mean seriously, how much do you bench? I'm benching like 320-340 right now. Y'all wish you could be me, thats the only reason you hatin. I'm out! *walks away*
Individual A: I honestly feel bad for him. He's so skinny... Should we let him keep living in this fantasy.
Individual B: Thats what the doctor said at the assembly.
by Jimmy Christian May 27, 2014
Flaming homo who enjoys long walks on the beach and having crazy hot sex with many different guys
Wow! That ugly piece of white trash must be a Blaise!
by MaddogGgggg January 18, 2011
basically a stupid whore who thinks she's hot shit & teases guys into thinking she likes them. Known for the giving of blue balls.
Blaise: "I need attention right now, or else how will I get through my day?!"
by blahblahblah<3 February 05, 2010

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