The vacant, yet intent stare that some people do after making a point, in a manner akin to that of the git-wizard David Blaine.
After John gave his bigoted views on immigration, no one wanted to gratify him with a response but he wasn't going to give up so he started Blaining to prevent anyone changing the subject.
by Andrew Doughty May 03, 2008
Top Definition
to blaine means to go off at a tangent and start talking bs, to lose control over your own flow of ideas, to type just because each key stroke is free.
There he goes, blaining again.
by Phopemobilii February 26, 2015
the process of switching from tighty whities to briefs in order for a girl to have sexual intercourse with you
"I've been blaining for about one week and i have been laid about eight times."
by sexiscool69 August 01, 2009
Stalking without malicious intent.
That man kept following us around and listening to our conversation. I can't tell if he was just blaining or if he had plans.
by That guy watching you November 16, 2015
the act of ignoring someone who has a crush on you in hopes that they will no longer have a crush on you.
Maggie has been blaining John for the last month because he has a crush on her.
by wont say February 12, 2008
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