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the act of ignoring someone who has a crush on you in hopes that they will no longer have a crush on you.
Maggie has been blaining John for the last month because he has a crush on her.
by wont say February 12, 2008
the process of switching from tighty whities to briefs in order for a girl to have sexual intercourse with you
"I've been blaining for about one week and i have been laid about eight times."
by sexiscool69 August 01, 2009
The vacant, yet intent stare that some people do after making a point, in a manner akin to that of the git-wizard David Blaine.
After John gave his bigoted views on immigration, no one wanted to gratify him with a response but he wasn't going to give up so he started Blaining to prevent anyone changing the subject.
by Andrew Doughty May 03, 2008