1. Traditional Celtic Name, meaning "lean and strong"

2. an amazing name at that
1. dude that there david hasselhoff is so blaine these days, especially in spongebob squarepants the movie.

2. OMG LOL like totally I love your name so so so super duper much Blaine!
#blaine #celtic #lean #strong #amazing #name
by i just know okay December 19, 2006
Top Definition
(v) To completely fail at something.
(n) To be a complete failure.

Origin: From Rooster Teeth's Blaine Gibson, who, while not particularly a failure in his own right, is constantly mocked as one by his co-workers.
Person 1: Did you get a load of Bob trying to do a 360 no-scope and somehow ending up grenading himself?
Person 2: Yeah that was hilarious, he totally blained it!
Person 3: Yeah he's such a blaine.
#fail #failure #bomb #bust #flop
by oobi_wan January 02, 2015
The act of purposely acting completely awkward in order to make someone feel uncomfortable. This usually includes using the double sarcasm method, meaning the perpetrator delves so deep into sarcasm that nobody knows whether or not the blainer is being serious or if they are trying to crack a joke.

It may also include performing lewd activities to ruin people's conversations such walking up, placing your leg on the table, and fondling your penis.
Bro A: "Hey man what are you doin' tonight? Gettin' fucked up?"

Blainer: " Tssssss.....probably just gonna stay in ya know....make out with dudes." *As he fondles his penis*

*Blainer leaves room*

Bro A: "Dude, what the fuck was that?"

Bro B: "........blainin' hard."
#sarcasm #awkward #strange #fondling #double sarcasm
by SigEpic May 20, 2010
to drink a ton of whiskey and smoke pounds of weed.
that girl is blaine
#weed #whiskey #bong #jd #blunt
by Mark Finlin February 27, 2009
An incredibly perfect man. An angel, a saint, a God. He's really sexy and considerate, sweet and exciting to be around.

Often associated with a Belle, they're irrevocably perfect for each other.
Person 1: Man, there goes Belle!

Person 2: Hey, where's her Blaine? I hear they're smitten, what in the heck are they doing apart?
#blaine #belle #boyfriend #perfect #girlfriend #smitten
by BIP1993 February 19, 2011
Sweet,caring and kind

Blaine's are often short,curly hobbit like but sexy people
who are smart,sweet,kind,caring and are generally to be labeled as perfect. However they do have flaws but are just to shy or in some cases proud to show them. Blaine's can be dopey, puppy like, child like and have a tendency to be oblivious be mistaken for frodo and do or say things they shouldn't have said or done without really meaning them. sometimes you just need to give them a little push in the right direction to get them to wake up and see the light.
"you just sang an inapropriate song in an inapropriate place to an inapropriate person when you should have serenading me"

"oh sorry..wait you like me?"

"uhg! Blaine you are so oblivious!"
#oblivious #adorable #puppy #hobbit #curly
by theunicorninallofus October 24, 2011
The act of getting a headshot in Halo:Reach.
Im a blaineasaurus rex
#blain #dome #capped #headshot #kill
by X Fatal Snipe X September 27, 2010
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