a group of people concerned with meaningless subjects
In Lady Sovereign's song Blah Blah Full
"The rich (ch-ching) the poor the snobs the whores
Oh dear Blahbarians galore! "
by ScrabbleDiva January 04, 2008
Top Definition
A gossip, especially one focused on celebrity garbage. Term coined by English rapper Lady Sovreign for "Blah Blah Full."

Not to be confused with blahbrarian.
Kelli: OMG, did you hear about Brangelina? They totally just -
Jane: Shut up, no one else cares, you blahbarian.
by AnneShine November 19, 2007
A beginner in the sport/art of Le Parkour
Also known as a Newbie or a Strawberry
D00d, he is a BlaBarian, cut him some slack
by Edew April 09, 2005
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