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A gossip, especially one focused on celebrity garbage. Term coined by English rapper Lady Sovreign for "Blah Blah Full."

Not to be confused with blahbrarian.
Kelli: OMG, did you hear about Brangelina? They totally just -
Jane: Shut up, no one else cares, you blahbarian.
by AnneShine November 19, 2007
One who has a huge amount of celebrity gossip stored in their brain for someone who never talks about it.

Opposite of a blahbarian.
Kelli: OMG, did you hear about Brangelina's trip to Malawi?
Kate: Malasia. And yeah, but shut up.
Kelli: ...
Jane: She knows, but doesn't care. Don't mess with the blahbrarian.
by AnneShine November 19, 2007
Lady Gaga covers done acapella.
Tina: Did you see this awesome Gaga cover?

Lucy: It's the best gagapella I've heard of Bad Romance.
by Anneshine May 19, 2010
Achronym for "come-on-this" spot; lower back or abdomen tattoo on a particularly easy female. Also known as a tramp stamp.
She thinks she's so hot, but the real reason those guys are all over her is because she's flashing her cot spot at them.
by AnneShine October 21, 2007
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